How to Become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant

In 90 Days Without Spending $1000 Dollars

What will you learn inside this webinar?

Secret#1: How to become a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant without spending $1000s of dollars?‚Äč

How can you start learning Dynamics 365 easily using free resources online?

Secret #2: How to learn Dynamics 365 without quitting your current job/college?

The secret that helps you to learn Dynamics 365 without quitting your job with unique techniques.The most essential things you should know while you're learning Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Secret #3: How to get a job with no experience on Dynamics 365?

Learn how to get hands-on experience on Dynamics 365 without even landing on your first job.


Presented by


Satish Reddy

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & PowerApps Trainer (MCT) & Architect


  Austin Kingsly 

Satish was an excellent trainer. He is very knowledgeable concerning Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the technologies which expand its functionality. This translates well to his clear explanations and relevant examples of the topics which he teaches. It was an exceptional experience studying under Satish. I learned a lot and enjoyed each day.

 Cuong Pham

Was very helpful. I learned a lot under his guidance. I was a person who didn't know much about Dynamics 365 before I met Satish but now I am confident that I can use Dynamics 365 to create customer-facing applications. Definitely recommended Satish as a Dynamics 365 trainer.